(Story) Lordless Island Walkthrough – Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Travel to Irida's place on Cobalt Island.

Once you've found Irida, she'll challenge your group to a two on one battle.

Irida is going to use her high-level Glaceon and Evee.

Battle with Irida, and she will tell you Palina's location on the island.

Go to Veliston cape using the quest marker.

Palina will help you find iscan so he can send you to firespit island.

Don't go to a cabin on the airpom hill in the dark.

Talk to iscan, and he will help you solve your issue.

Capture dusklops.

They're really, really hard to catch because they respawn really slowly.

Capture them immediately, once you see them.

Be careful when attacking in a battle.

You've caught Duskclops. Now go back to Lscan's cabin and make a special recipe for Bsculegion, his favorite meal.

Go to Gingko landing and find Basculegion.

Palina will join the pair as you call Basculegion.

As the trio discuss, an incredibly powerful force appears and kidnaps one of the Growlithes.

The Fortune sisters are causing trouble on Firespit Island. You need to get over there and stop them.

Once you arrive on the island, follow the quest marker to find the Miss Fortune sisters.

Upon your arrival, three sisters will challenge you to a battle.

Glover will use Abomasnow, a Pokémon at level 35.

Coin will bring out her strongest Pokémon, Toxicroak.

Charm will attack with two Pokémon.

It is strongly recommended to train your Pokemon to level 35 and above.

The battle is over, but your pokemon need to heal.

Prepare yourself to face Hisian Arcanino.

When you encounter it, evade its attacks and pelt it with volcano balms.

Be careful not to fall into the lava.

At a certain point, the Noble Pokémon will use a powerful attack.

That can hurt the player badly.

If you can throw the ball five times in a row, the Pokemon will be stunned.

If you use a water Pokemon, you can advance to the next phase of the game with ease.

Use water Pokemon to defeat arcanine.

Continue throwing your balms.

The Hisuian Arcanine will set the area ablaze, making sure that you are enclosed in a certain area.

If it's across the area, you can cross it with the balms.

Repeat the process until its health bar reaches zero.