How to get Arthur out of the map to Guarma and Mexico fast in Red Dead Redemption 2

Step 1

You will need to carry lots of alcohol (Rum, Etc).

Step 2

And also wear some warm clothes.

Step 3

Then you have to make your way to Glacier area north west of the map.

Step 4

Mark a spot on the map and go there.

Step 5

And get off your horse after getting there.

Step 6

There will be a straight cliff wall, walk up just next to it.

Step 7

Now you have to drink alcohol untill you pass out.

Step 8

And then wait until you are awake.

Step 9

Verify that you are in this location on the map.

Step 10

After that, you will need to start running towards west.

Step 11

There will some huge secret holes and you have to be careful of them.

Step 12

You are now out of map.

Step 13

After that, go east and south to reach Guarma.

Step 14

Then head west, south, east to go into Mexico.

Step  15

Avoid invisible snipers near New Austin.

Step 16

Now you have to go to a Clearing.

Step 17

There you will need to spawn a fast horse using the cheats.

Step 18

Ride the horse and go take a long ride but you must stay out of the map.

Step 19

Look for a normally aggressive animal there.

Step 20

Your horse bucks (Aggressive black bear).

Step 21

No animal can attack you when you are out of the map.

Step 22

Get close to the bear and he smell you.

Step 23

He is officially called American Black Bear.

Step 24

Here’s a close-up with American Black Bear.

Step 25

The bear Does’t attack, even if you kick him.