(Story) Save Takemura Versus Not Saving Him in Cyberpunk 2077

Step 1

First, you will need to go to the hideout in “Search and Destroy”.

Step 2

And then make your way to the 3rd floor.

Step 3

You have to knock 4 times as shown in the messages.

Step 4

You will find Hanako there.

Step 5

Hanako is being saved by Corpo.

Step 6

After that, there will be an explosion and V falls down 2 floors.

Step 7

You don’t have to save Takemura, just go to the exit.

Step 8

Takemura will be presumed dead in chats.

Step 9

Instead of exiting, you need to go up to Takemura.

Step 10

And clear all the enemies out there.

Step 11

Now, you will need to exit with Takemura.

Step 12

And then call Takemura later (confirm alive).