(Story) Scarlet Rot Weapon – Elden Ring

Go to the Grand lift of Dectus.

And hoist Dectus Medallion to go up.

You will need to ride a horse and follow the path.

And double jump up into the castle.

You have to follow the path, and keep jumping if on Lava.

After that, go up the ladder to the top.

And follow the path left and jump on the roof.

You will need to activate the grace nearby.

You are now at the shaded castle inner gate.

Get strong weapons like golden Halberd.

Hold the triangle button and press R2 (2-handed mode).

After that, climb up the ladder nearby.

And jump on the ledge, walk left, and jump over.

You have to go to the main battle area.

Meet Maleigh Marais, shaded castle castellan.

And hit him to lure him outside.

Press R1 repeatedly if he is closing in.

You need to dodge, back away, otherwise.

And also avoid the poison clouds.

You will need to wait for him to walk towards you.

And then attack with your long stick weapon.

Be careful of his thrust move.

Just repeat, heal if hit and he dies.

You have to get antspur rapier and other clothing.

Examine antspur rapier.

Note Scarlet rot effect.

After that, equip antspur rapier.

And also equip other clothing.

You will need to check out attack animations.

Then fast travel to reset yjr guardian golem.

Do the same path to get down from the castle.

2-handed mode (hold triangle + R2).

After that, go west (keep close to the cliff).

Lock (R3) on leg, charge hit (R2) 2X.

Unlock (R3)  leg, poke (R1) chest.

You need to run to your feet, face it, lock, repeat.

Repeat chest move.

After 3 times, he will die.

If you miss the chest, you have to repeat the leg method.

Third time, he should be dead.