(Story) The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods – Pokemon Legends: Arceus

After speaking with Kamado, go downstairs and talk to Cyllene.

In a few minutes, Bagin will call you.

You can grow your satchel by talking to him.

Go see volo and get some super potions.

Travel to Obsidian Fieldlands. When you get there, go straight to Heights Camp.

By doing this you can reach Grandtree Arena faster.

Go to Lian, the Warden of Kleavor and defeat him in battle.

Watch out! A Lv15 Goomy will be coming your way.

Return to base camp and report to the professor.

At this point, your phone will let you know that you can now instantly travel between camps.

Go to Fieldlands Camp and talk to Professor Laventon.

Professor Laventon will be accompanying you back to the Jubilife Village to help you develop a plan.

Go out of the headquarters and take the path to the village gate. Along the way, you'll meet Mai.

Warden Mai will meet you at the gate to Grandtree Arena. He will escort you to the Heights Camp where you can prepare for a big fight.

Upon completion, you will be teleported to the obsidian fields of the camp.

At Camp Wydeer, Adaman will be waiting with a Wydeer.

Ride Wydeer to Grandtree Arena. Talk to Irida and Lian.

You are about to face the final test against this Glaceon.

Irida's Glaceon will be at level 17.

After the fight with Irida, you will get access to a special kind of healing balm.

And you have the choice to begin the boss battle by fighting a frenzied Noble Kleavor.

After defeating the Frenzied Noble Kleavor, you will receive an insect plate.

Irida will give you three Sitrus Berries.

If you want to go back to the village, speak with professor Laventon.

Then head to Commander Kamado and report your success.