(Story) The Limgrave Golden Seed Locations – Elden Ring

Go through Stormgate.

We are starting from the gate front.

When you go through stormgate and exit, there will be a golden leaf near a gold tree.

Stormhill shack or the roundtable hold

Talk to the red hooded woman at a shack near Stormhill (near the cemetery). She will go to the Round Table.

Rest at Grace and return to where you met Roderika to find a golden seed.

A memento of the chrysalid-stage roderika can also be obtained at the roundtable.

You got it from the stormveil castle: Rampart towers.

Fort Haight

This seed is located in Limgrave, East just off Fort Haight.

Stormveil Castle

The omen of Margit is in this area, which is very close to the site of a battle at the area of grace.

Weeping Peninsula.

Located in Limgrave, south of a cliff on the Weeping Peninsula.

Stormveil Basement and Fringefolk Hero's Grave

Defeat the ulcerated tree spirit to obtain a golden seed.

A second seed is available by defeating a similar version of the Ulcerated tree spirit in the Fringefolk hero's grave.

To enter the limgrave, you will need a stonesword key.