(Story) The Merryweather Heist Offshore GTA 5

The mission has now started, The Merryweather Heist.

Trevor will tell them about the mission.

Get in a truck and drive to the airstrip.

On the way there Trevor will guide them, how the mission is supposed to go down.

Get in a chopper and use the grappling hook to pick up the sub.

To pick up the sub, you have to position the cargobob to allow the grappling hook to make contact with the top of the sub.

After the sub is hooked, fly to the test site.

Michael will accept that he did the jewellery heist.

You have to release the sub near the test site.

Pick up your phone and use the Trackify app to locate the device.

After you find the device, drive the sub into the device to pick it up.

After picking it up, go back to the surface.

After reaching the surface, SWITCH to Michael.

Get close to the sub to pick it up.

You have to fly back to the airstrip.

Shoot the boats who are attacking you.

You can press E to change Franklin's viewside of the helicopter.

Destroy the remaining merryweather boats.

Choppers are after you, destroy them.

After killing them all, fly back to the airstrip.

You have to fly lower over the airstrip and release the sub.

The heist is now completed.