Story to Beat Mad Pumpkin Head – Elden Ring

In this guide, you'll learn how to defeat the Pumpkinhead boss.

Inside the waypoint ruins, you can find a pumpkin head.

The entrance to the ruins is located in a narrow alley in the center of the ruins.

If you beat this boss early in the game, you will have access to a sorceress named Sellen.

At the cost of runes, who can then teach useful spells.

How to beat mad pumpkin head

Spirit ashes can be used by every type of character regardless of their build.

When fighting the Mad Pumpkin Head, let your allies distract him while you focus your attacks on him.

If a magic user is being attacked by the pumpkin head, run away and use a glintstone pebble to deal bits of damage. Your spirit ashes should be able to re-aggro the pumpkin head again.

Mad Pumpkin Head Attack Patterns

The mad pumpkin head will slam its flail onto the ground. To evade this attack, the player must dodge left or right.

He can also do a head slam. He'll raise his head up and then charge at you, slamming his head down on the ground. To dodge this, move away from him and you'll avoid it.

If you see the Mad Pumpkin Head, you can expect two horizontal flail attacks. Then it may end this combo with a flail slam.

To avoid this, you can either jump over the obstacle or back away from it.

To avoid being hit, run away from the enemy by dodging counterclockwise. Or, you can use the roll as a chance to get behind him.