Story to buid Duelist Set in Elden Ring

You will need to go to Ordina, Liturgical town grace.

Go north to fight a Rotten duelist.

And get the Rotten duelist Greaves + Rotten Greataxe.

Get Consecrated snowfield grace.

After that, you have to go west to a cliff edge.

Wander north until you hear Footsteps.

Fight a Rotten duelist.

And get Rotten battle hammer + Rotten duelist Helm.

You need to mark location on the map and go there.

After that, enter Consecrated snowfield catacombs.

Activate Consecrated snowfield catacombs grace.

Follow this path.

Then jump on the column and attack it to go up.

Activate lever.

After that, go to the opened door near the entrance.

Enter the mist area below.

Fight Putrid grave warden duelist.

Get Rotten Gravekeeper's cloak.

After that, you have to go to giant conquering hero's grave.

Enter mist and fight the ancient hero of Zamor.

Get Zamor Bracelets.

Wear Rotten duelist armor set.

You have to equip Rotten battle hammer + Gravetaxe.

360 Degree view armor set + hammer.

360 Degree view armor set + Greataxe.

Wear thin gloves (snake wraps over).

And also wear thick gauntlets (no snake wraps).

Wear Zamor bracelets (has snake wraps).

After that, remove cloak (bracelets return).

Wear a cloak (bracelets change to snakes).

You need to alter the cloak at grace.

Notice snake wraps whole arm.

Remove Zamor bracelets.

Same snake wraps the whole arm (no chain).