Story to Find and Ride the Spirit Steed – Elden Ring

You need to obtain the spectral steed whistle from Melina, in order to summon your mount.

During your first meeting, she will give you the whistle.

You will be able to summon your mount torrent, with the spectral steed whistle.

You will instantly summon and ride your mount torrent, by using the spectral steed whistle.

For quicker access, you can equip the spectral steed whistle into your items hotbar.

Using the spectral steed whistle will also allow you to dismount. Likewise, press L3 / L (left analog stick) to dismount.

Pressing the X / A button while inside a "spirit stream" will make you jump high into the air.

You can now reach high places that once were unreachable on foot.

While riding your mount, you can also land safely from a high place by jumping toward the air current.

Torrent is a very fast and versatile way to get around. It can get you to places much easier than you can on foot.

You can also engage in combat, while mounted,

Pressing the right shoulder button will make you attack to the right, while pressing the left shoulder button will make you attack to the left of your mount.

A mount will give you bonus speed and evasion, which can help you avoid danger or outrun powerful enemies.

If you jump off your mount, you can quickly switch to on-foot combat.