Story to Get Battle Hammer – Elden Ring

The Elden ring has a warhammer weapon called the battle hammer.

A war hammer is an excellent weapon for warriors who want to focus on strength and dexterity.

This weapon is good for breaking your enemy's armor easily. It's even good at breaking the enemy itself.

The grave warden duelist in the murkwater catacombs drops a battle hammer.

If you want to reach the catacombs of Murkwater, go north from the coast of the town of Grace.

There, you can jump down to platforms.

When you land, head northwest. You'll see a door that leads to the dungeon.

Once you're in, go north and look for a lever.

Make sure you're prepared to handle enemies that jump out of the walls, corners, and platform traps along the way.

In order to open the door, you'll need to pull the lever and head back, turn left, and then continue through the door.

To battle the grace warden duelist, you have to traverse the mist.

In order to defeat the grave warden duelist, you should make your load lighter and avoid its attacks.

As you dodge the boss, use your lone wolf ashes and hit it as much as you can.

When it's possible, hit it from behind for critical hits.

Until you beat it, repeat this process.

It will drop the battle hammer, once you defeat it..

This battle hammer has a powerful 131 physical attack and 100 critical attack.

It has 52 physical, 36 magic, fire, light, holy and boost guard negations.

Its strength is C, but its dexterity is E.

To use this weapon effectively, you need 16 strength and 8 dexterity. It requires 16 FP when using its strike.

The weapon has a weight of 10. It has an Ash of War attached to it, the Braggart's Roar.

It can change the direction of the battle by raising the player's stats.