How to Get Blessed Dew Talisman - Elden Ring 

Where to Get Blessed Dew Talisman: You can find the blessed Dew Talisman inside the treasure chest.

In the area with the giant sleeping golem north of the divine Bridge site of Grace.

It's located in Leyndell, Royal capital. To get inside Leyndell, you need to be able to gather two great runes.

And defeat the Dragonic Tree Sentinel guarding the gate.

However, there is a transporter that can take you easily and directly to.

The Divine bridge site of Grace is located at the Tower of Return at the Weeping Peninsula.

From the first step site of Grace, you have to head southeast to reach the Bridge of Sacrifice.

Once past the bridge, head south, turn west and then go south again until you reach the Tower of Return.

Tower of Return Transporter: Be Wary of a Ballista from the top of the tower.

Sneak past and defeat the enemies at the foot of the tower.

After that, climb up and defeat the soldier operating the ballista.

There, you'll see a treasure chest, once opened it will transport you to the Divine Bridge site of grace at Leyndell.

Once transported, you have to activate the site of Grace.

Leyndell Royal Capital: If you're coming from inside the Leyndell, Royal Capital, you'll need to access the Divine Bridge elevator to get to the area.

After that, head towards the sleeping Golem and you can either defeat it or run to the area.

Where the treasure chest is located and get the blessed Dew Talisman. Do note that the Golem is very strong.

Blessed Dew Talisman: The Blessed Dew talisman is an equippable item in the Elden Ring.

Once equipped, it will regenerate your HP slowly over time. It restores around 2 HP per second.

This is useful especially during exploration as you can save up your flasks, and let your HP regenerate as you move about.

It will also be useful during battle if you're used to dodging. You can let your HP regenerate as you dodge.

Instead of using your own flask, though it might take a while.