Story to Get Bloodhound’s Fang – Elden Ring

After you beat the Bloodhound Knight, Darriwil, inside the Forlon Hound Evergoal at Stormhill, you acquire a Bloodhound Fang.

Travel to the southern area of Limgrave and head to Mistwoods ruins.

A wolfman is howling on top of the tower. If you move your camera up, you can see him.

Go to the church of Elle. Talk to the merchant about the howling creature.

After you receive the information about the creature from him, the merchant will give you a finger snap gesture.

Return to the mistwood ruins after equipping the gesture.

After you've arrived, use the gesture directly beneath the tower to have blaidd drop down.

If you talk to Blaidd, he will tell you more about the bloodhound knight Darriwil.

Travel to the angheel lake south and fight the BloodHound Knight.

Once you have reached grace, continue your journey south toward the evergaol.

You can summon blaidd to aid you in your confrontation after entering the Forlorn hound evergaol to fight darriwil.

Darriwil is quick. He can attack you with a barrage of moves.

It is vital that you try to avoid his attacks to counter him while blaidd takes the brunt of the damage.

You must have 18 strength and 17 dexterity, to equip the bloodhound's Fang.

It has a special skill, the curved greatsword slash, which can be activated if it is wielded with two hands.

This skill allows tarnished to deal a devastating blow to the enemies.