Story to Get Carian Regal Scepter – Elden Ring

Where to Get Carian regal Scepter

The regal scepter is a powerful weapon that has a very high INT requirement but also has excellent scaling.

The higher the damage, the more you invest in the INT stat.

This staff is the only staff that has a built-in spinning weapon Ash of war on it which is its unique ability.

You will need to have beaten Rennala, to get the Carian Regal scepter. Queen of the full moon.

She is the shard bearer that can be found in the academy of Raya Lucaria.

To access this area to fight Rennala, you will need an academy flintstone key.

How to beat Rennala, Queen of the full Moon: In the beginning, the rennala will be floating above the area. You cannot reach it yet.

Until Rennala falls, you'll need to find and hit the glowing enemies found around the area.

Until she rises back up again, you are free to do damage to her for a short amount of time. Once she falls.

She is a lot more dangerous and aggressive, for the 2nd phase of the fight.

Once she finishes casting them, you will need to dodge a lot of her spells and hit her.

You will get her Remembrance, once you've beaten Rennala.

How to get Carian Regal Scepter: Give Enia the Remembrance, after heading back to the Roundtable hold. 

For a Carian Regal Scepter, you can exchange the remembrance.

To get Rennala's full moon sorcery spell, you can also go to a walking Mausoleum to duplicate her Remembrance.

From her Remembrance, that way you can get both the staff and the spell.

Carian regal Scepter Stats

In Elden Ring Carian regal Scepter is a glintstone staff that has a passive ability that boosts full moon sorceries.

With the staff, using full Moon sorceries will make that spell a lot more powerful.

This staff is a great weapon for classes with high intelligence. It scales with intelligence, so the higher the intelligence stat, the more damage it does.

This requires you to get close to them which is risky for spellcaster classes but with a high reward skill as it does a lot of damage to enemies.