Story to Get Composite Bow to Eliminate Your Enemies – Elden Ring

If you want to get a bow, go to Liurnia of the lakes and buy it from the Nomadic merchant.

Journey northeast, from the Liurnia of the lakes site of grace.

Then, you will see a hill to your right.

Go up the hill, and follow the grassy path.

Under a stone arch, the nomadic merchant can be found.

Check out the shop to see everything the merchant has for sale.

The bow is available for 3500 coins.

The map shows you where the merchant is located.

The composite bow is a weapon that has 65 physical attack power, 100 crit rate, and 29 range.

In addition, it also allows you to do a Mighty Shot that can penetrate their shields.

A bow is a difficult weapon to master in the Elden Ring. However, the composite bow is a useful and powerful tool if used correctly.

Practice your aim to become a great archer!