How to Get Godskin Swaddling Cloth - Elden Ring


To get this item, you will need to have access to Atlus Plataeu and Mountaintop of Giants.

You can gain access to Atlus Plataeu by defeating the Magma Wyrm or using the Grand lift of Dectus.

You can obtain the Godskin swaddling cloth after defeating the Godskin Apostle & Godskin Noble.

In a consecutive boss encounter in SPIRITCALLER cave at the Mountaintop of Giants.

Spiritcaller Snail: The Spiritcaller snail will summon the godskin Apostle & Godskin Noble Consecutively once you reach the end of the cave.

Be sure to summon your own spirit Ashes once you enter the boss area since you will be fighting them consecutively.

You  have to conserve your flasks and keep your health full after defeating the Godskin Apsotle for the Godskin Noble.

Having your own spirit ashes will give you the opening you need for both the godskin Apostile and the godskin Noble.

After defeating the Godskin Apostle & Godskin Noble.

The Spiritcaller snail will appear, it will not attack, so just defeat it to finish the boss fight.

Goodskin Swadoling Cloth: The taker's Cameo Talisman gives the players HP every time they defeat an enemy.

It is good to have it on the long dungeons if you want to conserve your flasks further.