Story to Get Grafted Dragon – Elden Ring

Location: In the roundtable hold, the Grafted Dragon can be traded.

How to Get: In order to acquire this weapon, you must first defeat Godrick to get the remembrance of the Grafted.

Always be mobile and use the open area to your advantage, To Defeat him.

When it starts breathing fire, stay back, stay right in front of him and watch out for his dragon arm.

You will be rewarded with the Remembrance of the Grafted, once Godrick falls.

Hold and seek out Enia in a room located in the southern part of the area, after heading to the roundtable.

Purchase the grafted dragon for 2000 runes after trading the Remembrance to Enia.

You can always duplicate the Remembrance of the Grafted in the Walking Mausoleums, if you bought the Axe of Godrick instead.

Weapon Stats: For Tarnished who want to deal fire damage, the Grafted Dragon is a perfect weapon.

Players must have 20 strength, 14 dex, and 16 faith, to equip it.

Once this weapon is in use, 89 physical, 57 fire damage, and 100 Crit damage will be granted.

Furthermore, Tarnished is able to use Bear Witness to perform a fiery AOE attack.

As you journey through the lands between to be the next Elden lord, the Grafted Dragon is one of the best weapons to include in your armaments.