Story to Get Great Stars – Elden Ring

The Great Stars can be found in the Altus Plateau on the Road of Iniquity.

Go northeast from the Erdtree Gazing Site of Grace.

Until you reach a torn down bridge, follow the brick road.

Head down into the forest, once you reach there.

Go north through the forest until you reach a village with windmills.

Make a hard right under a bridge, when you reach an intersection inside the village.

You should see a large carriage guarded by enemies.

Enemies can easily overwhelm you with numbers, so take your time.

The Great Stars is a powerful weapon that scales with strength and dexterity.

This weapon has 135 physical attack power and 100 critical rate. It can deal tremendous damage to enemies.

Landing attacks gives you a bit more HP.

This weapon provides the "Endure" attribute, which makes blocking and tanking enemies a lot easier.