How to Get Grossmesser - Elden Ring

Where to Get Grossmesser: From the First step site of Grace, you have to follow this map guide on how to get to Tombsward Catacombs.

You can get the Grossmesser by defeating skeleton enemies who wield the weapon inside the catacombs.

How to Get Grossmesser

From the First Step site of Grace, you have to head southeast to reach the bridge to the weeping Peninsula.

Be wary of enemies and ballistae around the area.

From the Bridge of Sacrifice site of Grace, head southwest until you see minor Eritrea.

You'll then see a statue you can examine that will show where the entrance to the Catacombs is.

Though if you see the jellyfish in the area, just go towards them.

You'll see the Catacomb entrance behind a pillar.

Once inside, there will be the Tombsward Catacombs site of Grace that you can activate.

You'll be able to see a room that requires your one stone sword key.

A gross messer Welding skeleton will be found inside.

You have to defeat it and go back to the site of Grace to respawn the skeleton if you don't get a drop.

After that, repeat the Process until you get the Grossmesser.

You can also use a silver-picked fowl foot to increase your chances of dropping.

You have to be patient when farming for this weapon because the drop rate is low.

The Grossmesser is a curved sword weapon that scales in Dexterity and strength.

It has a skill called spinning slash which is great for dealing slash damage, especially to multiple enemies.

It requires 14 strengths and 12 Dexterity to be used effectively.

It has Physical Damage of 115 and Crit damage of 100.

It has damage Negations of 46 physical, 34 magic, holy light, and fire, and has a boost of 28, it weighs 4.5.

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