Story to Get Hookclaws – Elden Ring

The hookclaws can be found on a dead body inside Stormveil Castle.

In the limgrave region, Stormveil castle is located.

You'll gain access to Stormveil castle, after taking out Margit the fall omen.

You can now use the stormveil main gate site of grace outside the gate.

You'll want to sneak in the back way to enter the castle.

While you're here, don't forget to kill some birds. They can be a nuisance.

The stormveil cliffside site of grace is in the area.

Defeat enemies while going up the stairs.

The two commoners are in the building. You have to kill them.

Go downstairs, but watch out for the guard.

You can kill the guard from behind for an easier assassination.

Or pick up the item by just sneaking to the left.

On a corpse at the corner, hookclaws can be found.

The hookclaws are a type of weapon that's lightweight and scale with strength and dexterity.

You can now equip your claws in both hands, making you feel like Wolverine.

This weapon is a good all-around weapon that deals both physical and has blood loss effect.

It has a technique called Quick Step.