Story to Get Jellyfish Shield – Elden Ring

Where to Get Jellyfish shield: You can get the jellyfish to shield at the west of the weeping peninsula.

Near the foot of the four belfries site of Grace, you'll spot it on a corpse surrounded by four jellyfish.

From the first step site of Grace, you have to head northwest until you reach Liurnia of the lakes.

Stay on the left side of the lake till you can get up to the west.

And then head north to the foot of the four Belfries site of Grace.

How to get Jellyfish Fields: From the foot of the four befires site of grace, head north, and you'll easily see a bunch of red jellyfish.

After that, head towards them and you can either kill the jellyfish or just run and grab the item on the corpse.

Jellyfish Shield: The jellyfish shield offers great physical damage negation and decent defense against other damage types.

It weighs lighter than most Greatshields and can increase your weapon's damage output to 20%.

For a short period with its weapon skill contagious pury.

Do note that the buff will disappear if you two-hand your weapon.

The Jellyfish shield is a Greatshiled, it's see-through and actually looks cool when equipped.

Though its flesh is supple which provides absolutely no protection from piercing attacks.

You'll see here the initial attack power the character has without contagious fury.

And when you activate contagious Fury, the attack power increases.

Weapon Showcase.