How to Get Landorus - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Galaxy Hall is a great place to learn more about the forces of nature. If you want to learn more, talk to Cogita in Galaxy Hall.

Accepting the request 94: Incarnate forces of Hisui.

There are no weather or time conditions required for your trip to Ramana's island.

If you want to find Landorus, look around and make sure there are no hostile pokemon in the area.

Landorus comes with a tornado shield that you must destroy before you can capture it.

To get behind Landorus, use stealth sprays and smoke bombs.

When Landorus' barrier is down, you can stun it by throwing Apricorns or mud balls at it.

When you're close enough, make a back strike with your Pokemon to begin the battle.

If you fail to sneak up to landorus despite your best efforts, you can always run up to it with the wyrdeer mount to get close.

This is an unconventional strategy, but it will be faster.

Landorus is weak to ice and water. If you have Pokemon with these types of moves, it will be easier to lower Landorus's HP.

The best time to capture a Pokémon is when it has low health. Throwing ultra balls will increase your chances of success.