Story to Get Lion Greatbow – Elden Ring


First, you have to exchange the Starscourge Remembrance from Enia to redeem the Lion greatbow.

You will obtain the Starscourge remembrance after defeating Radahn.

Starscourge Radahn can be fought on Redmane castle in Caelid.

He is vulnerable to crimson rot and with the help of summoning other NPCs in battle, you can easily defeat him.

The Lion Greatbow scales primarily on STR and Dex and will remain on D rating even on max upgrade.

The Scaling Stats may be subpar but its strength shines when paired with Radahn's spear.

Enia sells Radahn's spear for 800 runes each.

Like most Greatbows, the Lion Greatbow excels in long-range combat that boasts high damage.

Additionally, the lion greatbow's weapon skill, Radahn's rain, allows you to fire a rain of arrows on enemies.

If paired with Radahn's spear, this skill is deadly on enemies who are weak to gravity attack.