Story to Get Most Powerful Weapon Early – Elden Ring

You have to find a Lot of Map Fragments (optional).

After that, fast travel to sorcerer's isle.

Go To Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Grace.

And then go North East Direction towards a wall.

Next, you will need to go to the road to the manor grace.

Zig zag to main Caria manor Gate Grace.

You have to follow a path to Manor lower level grace.

Parkour down to the roof with a ladder.

After that, go down the ladder and open the chest.

You will need to search to get the sword of night and flame.

Notice it requires 24 int and 24 fai.

Warning of lack of attributes for sword.

After that, you have to go to any grace and select a great rune.

Hold Godrick's great rune.

Go into inventory and use a rune arc.

Verify +5 added to int and Fai.

Then you will need to equip the sword of night and flames.

Go into 2 handed mode (triangle + 2).

Light strike (R1) and heavy strike (R2).

Block (hold L1).

Power of night (hold L2 + R1).

Power of flame (hold L2 + R2).