How to Get Mystery Gifts - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Survey Corps is your ticket to the Mystery Gifts. Reach Rank 1 to get them.

In order to get started, it is necessary to complete a tutorial on how to catch Pokemon and enough research tasks to receive 500 Research Points.

The professor at the Base Camp can rank you up if you have completed enough research tasks.

In order to get to Jubilife quickly, earn 500 Research Points. After that, you'll be able to talk to Captain Cyllene.

She will bring you to Rank 1. You can now access Mystery Gifts from your menu.

Mystery Gifts can be claimed only if you have Internet access on your device.

Mystery Gifts are free for a limited time.

When the event is over.

In the past, if a player who participated in your event wasn't willing to give you their gift, you couldn't receive it.

To check which Mystery Gifts you have received, click on the menu item Check Mystery Gifts.

Only one mystery gift per save. You won't get another if you got one before.