Story to Get Nightrider Flail – Elden Ring


In Weeping Peninsula, dropped by Night's Cavalry.

The Night's cavalry can be found roaming near the castle more rampart site of Grace and it only spawns at night.

Night Cavalry

This Night's cavalry found Liurnia or Caelid are stronger than the ones found in the weeping peninsula.

If you're still at a low level, we recommend doing this fight on horseback because of its mobility and high poise.

NightRider Flail

Nightrider flail causes enemies to bleed and it is a strike type weapon.

Among all of the falil type weapons, it has the highest Dex scaling which makes it good.

Thanks to its attack type and attack speed, It's also great at staggering enemies.

Players who are aiming for dex builds, it is a good weapon.