How To Get Petilil in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Petilil is a grass type Pokemon found in crimson mirelands.

It spawns on Cottonsedge prairie holm of trials.

In all weather conditions, at all times of the day.

From sludge mound, head northeast to cottonsedge prairie.

To cross the water, you'll need basculegion

But you can indeed find a small gap. Use Wyrdeer to jump across.

Petilil is a grass-type Pokémon.

This Pokemon is strong against water, grass, electric, and ground type Pokemon.

However, this Pokemon is weak against fire, ice, poison, flying and bug types.

Petilil is a timid Pokemon that will run away when you get near. When you try to sneak up, do your best to stay crouched low.

To catch a Pokémon, use berries or petilil's food and slowly move behind it.

Petilil's favorite food is a springy mushroom and crunchy salt.

The best way to catch it is by using feather ball or wing ball.

You can also fast travel to the Sludge Mound and go southwest to the Holm of Trials.

To cross the water, you'll also need basculegion.

You may find a narrow spot, but you can use Wyrdeer to jump across.

A similar situation applies in the case of catching petilil.

If there is no grass around, trees can provide you with some cover.

Berries or Petilil's preferred food can be used as a lure to catch it.

To catch it more effectively, you can use a feather or wing ball.

This is petilil's skillset as it levels up.

Petilil learns the following moves in the training grounds