Story to Get Sword of Night and Flame – Elden Ring

The sword is in the Caria manor, travel there to retrieve it.

To get to Caria Manor, you have to get past the sorceries that fall from the sky.

When you ride a horse to the manor, you should zig-zag to avoid the falling sorceries.

In the front of the manor, activate the site of Grace. Then follow the main path while avoiding enemies.

Keep walking up the path. You'll see a building that you can enter.

Go inside the building, and go to the second floor. Activate the site of grace there.

Run out into the open area, from the 2nd site of grace.

When you reach the first pillar, make a left. Enemies will appear in this area so be careful.

When you reach your second pillar, turn right but don't go as far as the end.

To get to the roof, you must jump from the middle of the bridge.

After that, follow the path until you see a ladder.

Go down the ladder and open the treasure chest in this room to obtain the sword of night and flame.

The sword of night and flame is a straight sword that has the unique ash of war. This special attribute does a lot of damage to enemies.

If you attack while in the night-and-flame stance, you will fire a powerful beam of magic at the enemies.

While in the stance to do strong attack, the player can unleash a massive flame attack that does area of effect damage.

If you can hit a boss very close, you can do major damage with the sword.

Although this skill takes a long time to activate, it could hit bosses hard if you use it correctly.