How to Get Taker's Cameo - Elden Ring


To get this item, you will need to have access to Atlus Plataeu and Mountaintop of Giants.

You can gain access to Atlus Plataeu by defeating the Magma Wyrm or using the Grand Lift Dectus.

Gain access to the Mountaintop of Giants after defeating Morgott, the Omen king.

You can obtain the taker's Cameo as a reward for Defeating Juno Hoslow as part of Tanith's questline in Volcano Manor.

Juno Hoslow will be the target for the third letter and can be found on the mountain top of Giants just beside the shack of the Lofty.

Upon arriving in the area, you will see a red sign that will allow you to invade June Hoslow.

Juno Hoslow: Juno Hoslow's attacks are slow and are easy to dodge. Make sure to attack him every time you see an opening.

Taker's Cameo: The Taker's Cameo Taliman gives the players HP every time they defeat an enemy.

It is a good talisman to have on long dungeons if you want to conserve your flasks further.