Story to get The Carian Filigreed Crest – Elden Ring

A half-wolf named Blaidd can be found in the Mistwood ruins.

When you get near the ruins, you will hear howling coming from a tower.

If you look at the ruins, you will see a wolf-man standing at the top of the tower.

In order to summon him, the player must use the finger snap gesture once they hears the howling at the ruins.

If you return to the church of Elleh after your first visit to the Mistwood, Merchant kale will give you the finger snap gesture.

Talk to Merchant Kale. Select the dialogue option "About the howling in Mistwood" to learn the required gesture.

In the Mistwood ruins, players can use a finger snap gesture to make blaidd jump over a small wall.

Talk to him and he will ask you to hunt down a traitor named Darriwil.

Completing this quest allows you to get a special item that is useful for FP users!

To progress in your quest, head over to the Forlorn hound Evergaol. It's a place for a boss fight.

You have a choice to enter the dungeon and fight Darriwil, the bloodhound knight.

In the battle, you can call on blaidd the half-wolf to help you defeat Darriwil.

As he enters the evergaol, this procs additional dialogue.

A weapon called Bloodhound's Fang also can be obtained by defeating Bloodhound Knight.

Once you beat Darriwil, speak to blaidd at the entrance of the evergaol.

He will give you a somber smithing stone [2] for your troubles.

Additionally, he will tell you to go speak with a large smith in Raya Lucaria.

In northern Liurnia, there is a large smith named Iji. He can be found behind his large anvil, near the road to the manor site of grace.

Players can buy somber smithing stones from him.

He will also sell a Carian Filigreed crest for 5000 Runes, if you tell him that blaidd sent you.

The Carian crest is great for classes that rely on skills that use a lot of FP. Remember that the Talisman reduces the amount of FP it takes to use the skill.