Story to get the Green Turtle Talisman – Elden Ring

In order to get this Talisman, you will need a key to unlock the area.

Go to the summonwater village outskirts of grace.

You'll reach summonwater village, if you travel east..

Go to the right side of the ruins and you will see a group of turtles, from the site of grace.

To unlock the area below the ruins, use the stonesword key.

You must go into the ruin and open the door. Open the chest to get the green turtle talisman.

A green turtle talisman is a talisman with a passive effect that can speed up your recovery.

Our new regeneration tool will give you an edge over your opponent, which will allow you to fight longer and harder.

If you ever find yourself low on energy during a battle, this will help you quickly recover.