How to Get the Magma Blade - Elden Ring

Magma Blade: The Magma Blade is a curved sword that is dropped by the Lizardmen who wield this type of weapon.

It is a rare weapon that you can farm from the Lizardmen enemies in the Volcano Manor.


How to Get There: To gain access to where the Lizardmen are, you first need to reach Mt, Gelmir by traveling through the Altus Plateau.

If you already know how to get to the temple of Eiglay in Volcano Manor.

From the Temple of Eiglay site of grace, you need to go to the Lift near the altar and ride it up.

After that, head straight towards the balcony then jump over the magma stream below.

Walk straight down the path and be careful of the magma slugs along the way.

Then you have to jump over the ledge to your left towards the magma stream.

You may choose to fight or run away from the abductor virgin, you should find a window to your left to enter the manor.

Head to the door to your right. After you exit, you should see the first man serpent where you can farm the magma blade. You have to kill it to see if you get lucky.

If not, go up the stairs towards the door to your left.

Before you head outside, turn to your left to activate the lift. You can use this as a shortcut the next time you go back to the farm, so you won't have to go back through all the previous steps again.

Items you Might Need: You can use certain items to raise your discovery stat and increase the chances of getting the Magma Blade.

Wearing the silver Tear Mask raises your discovery by 8.

Wearing the silver scarab will raise your discovery by 75%.

You can also consume a Silver-Pickled Fowl foot to raise your discovery by 50.

The enemy is easy enough to beat. Just make sure to watch out for its grab because it can inflict poison.

Weapon Showcase: The magma blade has a unique magma shower skill where it can produce magma on the ground and damage the enemy over time.

It's also coupled with useful slashing attack that can induce a decent amount of fire elemental damage.