Story to Get to Godrick the Grafted – Elden Ring

You will need to start at Margit, the Fell Omen grace.

And go west to Stormveil main gate grace.

After that, you have to go in the entrance to the left.

Talk to gatekeeper gostoc.

But do not accept the main gate entrance.

Then you will need to go through the opening.

Climb up and follow the wall ledge.

Go up and get a smithing stone (optional).

After that, drop back down.

And go to the Stormveil cliffside grace.

Climb up the cliffside.

You have to move up when the watcher turns around.

After that, clear the enemies and go into the entrance.

Go to the right door and continue upstairs.

Attract bomb and wait below stairs.

You will need to clear the bomb throwers.

Attract another bomb thrower.

And clear the area again.

Go up 2 staircases.

Open the door and grab the rusty key.

After that, you have to exit ( if the door is closed, kill the knight to open).

Go back all the way downstairs.

And use a rusty key to open the locked door.

Next, you will need to climb up the ladder.

Exit, turn left and go up the staircase.

Go out, continue up the winding staircase.

Enter the building and go up the stairwell.

Then you have to enter the left door for rampart tower grace.

Exit room and face right ledge.

Hold O to run and X to jump.

Drop down the left side 2 times.

Keep to the left side and go north.

Go up small stone stairs to the left.

Go to the liftside chamber grace.

And pull the lever to bring down the elevator.

You have to touch the middle to activate lift.

Go outside and down stairs.

Enter entrance and down crevice.

Go towards shining grace.

Left mist is location of godrick.

Go to final secluded cell grace.