How to Get to Radahn in Elden Ring

You will need to go east until you are at Caelid.

Go to southern Aeonia swamp back grace.

And then make your way to Impassable Greatbridge grace.

You can use a teleporter.

After that, go to the chamber outside the plaza grace.

Go to the plaza.

And listen to the Announcer while exploring.

You need to go talk to the Announcer and start festival.

After that, view the cutscene about Radahn.

Get Heartening Cry emote.

And get tips on the battle location.

You will note that the castle entrance is now blocked.

You need to talk to Bladd (a helper).

And get the Polite Bow emote.

After that, talk to iron fist Alexander (a helper).

Go through church and down the lift.

It’s a good idea to get the real players to help.

You have to enter the Teleporter.

And summon NPC helpers.

Hold L1 (block magic attacks with shield).

Summon more NPC helpers.

Once the battle begins, you need to get close to Radahn.

Find optimal distance for magic to hit.

Use real players as tanks, fire magic spells.

Get Radahn's great rune.

And then get Remembrance of the starscourge.

Stars fall on the open path to Nokron city.

Talk to Alexander warrior Jar again.

After that, talk to Bladd again.

And finally, activate starscourge Radahn grace.