How to Get to Rykard in Elden Ring

First, you will need to fast travel to Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite.

Go to Volcano Manor.

And activate the Volcano Manor grace inside.

You have to talk to Tanith.

Join the Volcano Manor.

And get a drawing-room key.

After that, go to the hall towards the first door to right.

Open door with key.

And bump into the painting or hit it.

The lantern is a good idea.

Now you have to go down the hall and down the stairs.

Go down the hall to fight the bloodhound knight.

And get the Bloodhound claws.

After that, make your way to prison town church grace.

Open the door and go left and up hill.

Bridge is down (we will raise it).

You have to follow the path to other side of the bridge.

And push lever to raise the bridge.

Go fight the Godskin noble.

This time, summon help.

Say hello with a prattling pate "Hello".

And then fight Godskin noble.

You will need to get the Godskin Stitcher and noble presence.

Activate temple of Eiglay grace.

And get the Serpent's Amnion.

After that, you need to go up the lift inside the temple.

Go out to the balcony and jump down.

Follow the path to enter another building.

Then you have to follow the path and open two doors.

You will get Man-Serpent ashes.

After that, make your way to the teleporter upstairs.

You can use the teleporter to Audience Pathway grace.

Walk through the mist to fight Rykard.

And get the Serpent-hunter.