Story to Invade Other Player’s World by Attacking Helpers – Elden Ring

You will need to go to the beginning of the game (Limgrave).

And talk to a person near the First Step Grace.

After that, wait until he asks you a question.

You have to reply “yes, I want to be good.”

You have to attack him multiple times to make him turn aggressive.

And see him kill you with Roses.

You need to kill him instead this time.

You will get a 6 "Festering bloody finger" reward.

Use "Festering Bloody Finger".

Note the characters are real people.

You have invaded another player's world.

Now you will need to run or attack.

Return to your world empty if you lose.

After that, use the "Festering bloody finger" again.

This time the host is busy somewhere else.

Seller is inactive (ghostly in this world).

Note manual return with finger Severer.

Don't do it yet.

Note you are red in color.

Note your eyes are red like the devil.

If the host dies, you will get a free prize: Are Ruin.

Ruin Arc (Worth 200 Ruins) item effect.