Story to Summon 3 Hidden Spirit Ashes Early – Elden Ring

You will need to mark the location on the map.

And follow the path to the location.

Once you get there, you need to open the door and touch the grace inside.

The location is Stormfoot Catacombs.

You have to get the secrets about Erdtree.

After that, get root resin.

And follow the path.

The door here needs to be opened.

After that, follow the path to the fire corridor.

And go inside the fire emitter.

Get Prattling pate "hello".

Then go out and go into the next fire emitter.

Possible forked hatchet enemy drop.

Hitting the fire emitter makes it lift.

After that, you have to exit and turn left towards the ladder.

Climb up the ladder.

And go straight to the next room.

You have to get wandering noble ashes.

Exit room and drop down on the right.

After that, pull the lever to unlock the door.

And enter the unlocked door.

Enter mist to fight the boss.

You can summon wolves for an easy fight.

Fight Endtree Burial Watchdog.

Easy fight just hit the backside.

You will get noble sorcerer ashes.

After that, you have to exit the cave.

Mark on map location of third spirit ash.

And then follow the path.

Grab Godrick soldier ashes.

See wandering nobles summoned.