Story to Teleport to Dew Talisman Divine Bridge in Elden Ring

Look at the almost complete Map of the Eiden ring.

And note location of Royal capital on Map.

You have to get a horse ready.

And mark the tower of return on a map.

You will need to follow the path shown to the tower of return.

Climb to the top of the Tower of Return.

You have to open the chest to teleport to the Royal capital.

And activate the nearby Grace.

Equip Strong Weapon like Golden Halberd.

And then run towards the Divine Bridge Golem.

You have to lock on (R3), charge attack (hold R2 2x).

Lock Off (R3), Poke Chest (R1).

Lock on (R3), Charged Attack (Hold R2 2x).

Lock-off (R3), Poke Chest (R1).

You will need to repeat until Divine Bridge golem dead.

And then open up the chest for the Blessed Dew Talisman.

Equip blessed Dew Talisman (HP regen).

Then fast travel back using any grace.