Story To Unlock and Find Space – Pokémon Legends: Arceus

After you reach 2-star rank, you will see distortions in the overworld.

After you get access to the crimson mirelands.

After you have been on a map for at least five minutes.

A small chance exists for a space-time distortion to form.

Time spent in menus, in dialogue boxes, or in battle doesn't count toward this time.

So be sure to actively play the game (or wait around somewhere patiently).

For a space-time distortion to spawn.

Don't forget to keep playing the game and don't fall asleep.

Even if you saved your game, you will still have to remove the space-time distortion from the map.

Furthermore, returning to Jubilife City, entering areas such as caves.

If you rest at a specific time, the timer will reset.

A distortion in space-time is more likely to appear the longer you stay on the map.

After waiting 40 minutes, you will eventually get a guaranteed spawn.

For most of the game, chances for a distortion to appear and being reflected in the normal rated column above.

But when the purple sky appears, you're more likely to see distortions in the first few minutes.

If you stay on the map, you will receive a notification.

Within the area, distortion is currently forming.

If a space-time distortion appears, "A space-time distortion seems to be forming!" will be displayed on the screen.

And then, after a few minutes " A space-time distortion appeared!" will pop-up.

In other words, a rare pokemon and rare items have begun spawning inside the dome.

If you see a vortex icon on your map, that means a time-space distortion is active.

A new space-time, which indicates where it will appear, is growing unstable here.

You need to press the minus sign (-) button to open up the map and find the vortex symbol if one is active.

Just remember that the message will disappear over time, so you should go to that part of the map as soon as possible.

If you'd like to enter the distortion, in the next few minutes.

In the map, you'll notice a vortex icon. It shows how much time is left.

For a space-time distortion to appear or disappear.

Whether it's happening right now or is on the verge of taking place.

Random space-time distortions occur.

So nothing is confirmed about when and where the spawning will happen and what triggers them.

The thing you want to do is to be ready when it happens.

You need to fill your satchel with enough poke balls to pick up rare items.

And make sure your pokemon are full healed!

The text on your screen will change depending on the space-time distortion.