(Story) Where to Find Melina and Everything She Can Do – Elden Ring

At the exit of the Lim grave, go to the right side and avoid the tree sentinel boss.

Follow the path to the right by going straight.

There are giant bats out there. You can confront them, or you can avoid them entirely.

If you click the map, you'll see a map fragment. Click that to access the area map.

You have the choice of either avoiding or battling the soldiers.

You can go to this pinned location to find a site of grace, after accessing the map.

After resting at the gatefront site of grace, Melina first appears to the player.

You can find Melina at other sites of grace, but she is always here.

After that, heaShe explains to the tarnished that she offers herself to be your maiden and they are maidenless.d to the temple of Mara in Riften.

Melina is like the other shrine maidens in the series. They will level up your stats.

Stats are important in the Elden Ring. They increase your attack, defense and ability to wear certain equipment.

In previous FromSoftware games such as Dark Souls, an NPC named a "shrine maiden" could help the player by leveling up their stats.

Melina is not a finger maiden, but she does play the role of your finger maiden in the condition that you take her to the foot of the Erdtree.

Melina is not a traditional shrine maiden. She has her own goals and intentions for helping the players.

If you reject her, she says that she understands your decision and informs you that she can be summoned again when you change your mind.

To summon Melina, a quick talk to Melina will be added to the blessing menu to call her back and accept her offer.

Melina will give you the item spectral steed whistle, which allows you to summon your mount, torrent. In return, she will also level up your stats in exchange for runes.

After you've been playing for a while, you'll see a cutscene. It will feature Melina, who'll ask you to take the tarnished to roundtable hold.

The new roundtable is the modern equivalent of a firelink shrine from Dark Souls or a nexus from Demon's Souls.

These characters played a huge role in the story. They provided support to the player.