Rune Farming Guide - Elden Ring

Key Features of this Strategy

When done correctly, you can collect 2400 runes in 30-40 seconds.

Even beginners can do this because there is minimal combat involved.

You will need access to torrent, your mount.

How to get to the run farming location

Starting from the front entrance to Grace, head to Gatefront ruins.

Go northeast through the stormgate. Then go east at the stormhill shack.

Keep following the road east. Cross Saintsbridge and continue past summonwater village.

Once you arrive at Caelid, go south to find the fort Gael north site of grace.

Once you have completed this, you will be ready to begin farming runes.

How to Farm Runes

Torrent is useful to jump over the fences and head towards the top of the cliff.

Position yourself above a formidable enemy. This enemy shoots fire and has a giant green head for a body.

Fall onto it with a light attack.

Rinse and repeat after returning to the nearby site of grace.