Super Hydorah Getting A Physical Release On Switch

On Switch, Super Hydorah is getting a physical release.

For Super Hydorah, Limited Run Games is preparing a physical release.

A standard copy is not planned, it will be sold only as a collector’s edition.

Buyers will be provided with a physical copy with reversible cover, game manual, and much more. With the collector’s edition.

Over the Omios star an evil force has launched an invasion. So you have to fly with the space fleet in a campaign to liberate planets and much more.

One of these features is easy to learn and hard to master.

It will have 21 levels divided into 35 sublevels.

3 game modes are included.

With route selection a non-linear level layout.

Super precise control of your ship.

In each level there will be dangers of different nature.

In every mission there will be power-ups and weapon selection.

There will be 60+ tracks with original soundtracks.

There can be multiple endings.

On 5th April, 2022, pre-orders for the physical versions of Super Hydorah on Switch are going to open.