The Kardashian-Roblox Scandal Continues To Be Messy And Dumb

The kardashian-Roblox scandal continues to be messy.

Kim Kardashian's son was exposed to a sex tape in a Roblox game.

They said that the family denies allegations that it faked the discovery of a Roblox game.

This all began when her young son showed her a game he was playing earlier this week.

First she looked at it and then showed it to her sister.

There was a picture of my cry face, and then I looked at it and it said something super-inappropriate, like, 'Kim's new sex tape', she said.

She was on a call with her cry face and said that it was a game someone made on the Roblox platform to promote the sex tape shown in clip.

They banned the developer in question.

The text reference to the tape that got around our filters was quickly taken down and fortunately visible only to an extremely small number of people on the platform, they said.

We also swiftly took down the associated experience and banned the community developer involved with the experience.

There are two potential ways for Saint to have found such a game, either he or the family actively searched for (or even created) such a game or someone else in their group of peers created it and then shared it directly with the boy. They said.