The Spiritual Successor To Hypnospace Outlaw Takes You Back To The '00s Internet

A game that takes you back to the ‘00s internet.

One of the coolest and oddest games of recent years is Hypnospace Outlaw.

It is also one of the best detect-'em-ups.

A joyous explosion of art, music, creativity, and weirdness, and a pleasure to explore. And it's a nice reminder of when the internet felt like a cool underground club, rather than a pervasive Hell from which there is no escape, they said.

Dream Settler, ahem, Slayers X, a spiritual sequel to the game was announced.

Dreamsettler’s trailer was funky.

You'll be exploring webpages, per the press release.

Exploring a version of the '00s internet that feels familiar yet different.

The game involves keeping up with user emails, browsing the net and much more.

Slayer X is completely different.

It is created by Zane Lofton and described as a boomer shooter.