This Fallout Fan Turned A Limited Edition Mini Nuke Into A Tiny PC

This Fallout fan built a tiny PC out of a limited edition mini nuke.

In the Fallout Anthology, play the Fallout Anthology.

For the post-nuclear RPG series, they usually focus on highlighting their impressive collection of memorabilia.

But this time, he tried it with the Fallout Anthology Bethesda released back in 2015.

It was meant to hold the DVDs.

With some key differences, it is a similar project which Linus Tech Tips built.

But Luke from LTT went for a more traditional PC build.

But Fallout Collector went for a lower-power, smaller system.

They modified the insert meant to hold the games into a base to mount the motherboard.

It’s main body is housing the power supply and cable management and it’s core components are under the nose of the bomb.

Above the motherboard, they installed a single case fan.