Up to 256GB/s Bandwidth is Possible for PCIe 6.0 Devices, Including GPUs and SSDs

Up to 256GB/s bandwidth is possible for PCIe 6.0 devices.

Interconnect specification has been finalized for next-generation.

They have been finalized by the industry consortium.

It has double the bandwidth with compatible hardware.

It delivers a 64 GT/s data rate and bandwidth up to 256GB/s using a 16x connection.

It will be enough for the next few generations of graphics card and it will also boost the speed of NVMe SSDs.

This technology utilizes PAM4 signalling.

This technology is also used by Micron and Nvidia for GDDR6X memory.

They will run it on low latency. FEC and CRC are also included.

For now GPUs don’t need that much speed of the upcoming PCIe 6.0.

PCIe 5.0 has recently been introduced by Intel to desktops with Alder Lake.