Valve Looks Back At The Steam Deck's First Month, And What's Ahead

Valve looks back at the Steam Deck’s first month.

Finding ways to improve battery life for Steam Deck is always high on our list, they said.

They are looking back over its month's worth of developments.

The games that are Deck Verified or Playable have reached 2,000 now.

It's been exciting to see the variety of games the community has been playing - new or old, big or small, every genre - it seems like players have been having a ton of fun on Deck, they wrote.

We're going to continue charging through the Steam catalog and can't wait to share the next big milestone here, they said.

For their Verified games, they also added a feedback feature.

Anti-cheat has held some games back from verification, they said.

The two biggest anti-cheat services, BattlEye and Easy Anti-Cheat, now have a streamlined path for developers that choose to enable support for Proton and Steam Deck. Elden Ring and Apex Legends are two examples of games which are taking advantage of this work, so far.

We've spent some time making the Steam Store more responsive and snappier on Deck, they said.

fTPM support is currently in beta, and once that ships Windows 11 can be installed. The last big piece is Windows audio drivers, and we hope to share good news about that soon, they said.