Valve Says It Will Fulfill Remaining Q1 Steam Deck Orders Just In Time

Valve says it will fulfill remaining Q1 Steam Deck orders in time.

Check your spam folders.

If Steam Deck is reserved for you for Q1 and you are waiting, then you are in luck.

Between today and next week, you should be getting an email.

Then you will be able to install Windows and your favorite emulators on the Steam Deck.

Within two weeks the last batch should be receiving their order emails of Q1.

Steam Deck is now available, if you receive this email. You have only 72 hours to complete the transaction.

Your shipping address should be up to date after you decide which payment method to choose.

Q2 and Q3 reservations got pushed further back due to the Q1 orders having slowly trickled out.

You can check when your Steam Deck is shipping on their page.

The expected order availability is after Q3 2022 for new Deck orders.