We've Officially Entered The Unreal Engine 5 Era

The Unreal Engine 5 era has officially begun.

The new engine enters full release today.

Today it officially took the previous version’s place.

Now we can expect new Unreal-based games to use it.

Some in-progress games like Stalker 2 can use it as well.

They said that developers can import film-quality 3D assets with massive amounts of geometric detail.

The upcoming Witcher game announced last month that it’s switching to Unreal Engine 5.

World Partition handles the on-the-fly loading and unloading of open worlds as players move through them.

It also includes new modeling and animation tools.

With this release, we aim to empower both large and small teams to really push the boundaries of what’s possible, visually and interactively, they said.

It’s about a 5GB update, if you already had the UE5 preview version installed.