Wisp 1 to Wisp 9 in Cobalt Coastlands - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

There are 20 Wisps in total in the Cobalt Coastlands.

To find a wisp, search at night, they shine the brightest.

So, you can spot them easily.

Wisp #1

The first wisp can be found near the edge of a bill when entering Cobalt Coast.

One simple way to get around faster is to fly up with the breviary.

Wisp #2

There's a second wisp over there, on that other slope.

It is on the very edge of the cliff.

Wisp #3

In the western side of Aipom Hill lies the 3rd wisp.

It is on top of a tall mound.

Wisp #4

The fourth wisp is on top of a small hill in the middle of a pond.

In order to get there, fly up with Braviary. It's not hard to see the shimmer of the wisp in the sky.

Wisp #5

In the same place that you were just on the 4th Wisp.

You have to fly to a separate island to get the 5th Wisp.

Wisp #6

The next wisp can be found on a rock just north of the Tombolo walk.

To get to the wisp, fly up. Then you won't have to battle them and you'll be safe.

Wisp #7

To find the 7th wisp, head to what appears to be a sandy ring in the distance.

You can get there with ease by riding on Braviary.

Wisp #8

A piece of land can be seen near the thumb of sand's beach.

The 8th Wisp is floating near the water. Fly there to get it.

Wisp #9

There is a medium-size land in the north of Tranquility Cave.

On the very tip of that land is the 9th wisp.